The Virtual Space, which manufactures smartphone-based virtual reality (VR) headsets in Africa, is calling on individuals, companies and organisations to help grow its Pioneer VR Education Kit, which is an early step towards providing affordable VR education for all. The kit is used in classrooms with Google Expeditions, allowing teachers to control the experience while learners view the VR content via their headsets.

The headsets are designed and made in South Africa and can be produced with printed branding and in custom colours. The company believes that virtual reality is going to offer a range of experiences and knowledge to many people that they would not get any other way. They believe the impact of VR on education will be as big as the impact of the internet has been. 

In addition to educational purposes, these headsets offer more control over the variables and provision of a reliable and customised service to clients in Africa. The VR systems are a one-stop solution for those looking to include VR as a drawcard at promotional events. VR provides the unique ability to give event-goers an exciting experience in the limited space available at a display stand.