Vida e caffè has opened a kiosk in Musgrave Centre in Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, facilitated by Mall Ads. The kiosk is located under an escalator in an area that is prominent, captive and experiences a high footfall.

Bonga Sibisi, Account Manager at Mall Ads said, ‘Coffee kiosks under escalators have popped up in malls all over the country as the location provides the ideal dimensions and liminal space conducive to a coffee pause, be it to enjoy a quick espresso on the go or to take a break and connect with friends over a tall latte.’

‘We had prime space available at Musgrave Centre and were searching for a vibrant, on-trend brand to fill it and our first choice was vida e caffè. They recently launched their new look and they add a fresh element to the tenant mix. From a business point of view, it makes perfect sense,’ continued Sibisi.

The functional purpose of the mall environment is no longer simply about making a purchase, explained Sibisi, but rather it is a multidimensional experience. ‘Malls are shifting to more experiential features that include activations, pop up stores and kiosks. also, socialising and entertainment form an important part of the shopping process. As such, Mall Ads is offering more experiences as well as marketing and business solutions that drive shoppers from prospect to purchase. The vida e caffè outlet at Musgrave Shopping Centre is a seamless business strategy where all stakeholders – landlord, tenant and shoppers – benefit.’

Hitesh Patel, vida e caffè Business Director, explained that setting up a kiosk at the bustling Musgrave Centre is part of a strategy to roll out more opportunely-located kiosks. ‘The expansion of the brand through the implementation of strategically located kiosks – in airports, corporate offices and malls – ensures that our commitment to consistently, and now conveniently, delivering the perfect Vida experience is upheld. The convenience and location of our kiosks has opened the way for new consumers to engage with the brand.’

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