The #ModernMarketingTrendCamp, being held alongside the first Modern Marketing Expo, aims to inspire branding, advertising and marketing professionals with the latest industry trends and products.

The Trend Camp will take place on 11 and 12 September 2019 at the Gallagher Convention Centre, where industry experts will cover branding, new-age marketing, technology and campaigns across the branding, advertising and marketing industries. 

One of the speakers – Andrew Human, CEO of the Loeries Africa Middle East – will address the topic ‘How to create award-winning campaigns’. He will illustrate a few of his favourite Loeries award-winning campaigns, discuss innovative campaign strategies that brought new and fresh thinking and how the campaigns were relevant to the brand, target audience and medium used. He will also share what stands out for him when judging campaigns.

Andrew Human, CEO of the Loeries Africa Middle East (image source:

A new and inclusive narrative that is locally relevant and culturally nuanced opens up a whole new world for innovation. This is all encapsulated in the Loeries’ vision to tell better stories. Real stories, inclusive stories, locally and culturally relevant stories – but better stories.

‘People don’t realise the incredible power of the creative industry. We inform opinions and create impressions. The consequence of the reality we present has massive repercussions. This incredible power comes with responsibility. The Loeries is committed to driving the industry to use this power for good,’ said Human.

‘Everyone in the creative and brand communications industry should look at whether they are leading society for the better or reinforcing common negative stereotypes. We need to question the imagery we use, the way we portray people, and the language we use. To upend negative stereotypes, we need to be visionary and not reactive. There are many better stories just waiting to be told.’

Entrance to the Trend Camp is free. For more information and to register, click here.