Gilbert Kumpukwe, Senior Campaign Manager at Version Eight, focused on achieving business growth through effective digital branding and marketing strategies at the #ModernmarketingTrendCamp. This article highlights key takeaways from his presentation.

Key digital marketing strategies for 2019/20:

The marketing rule of seven: it takes about six to seven times for some people to see your brand’s advert before they take action. People do not know your brand as well as you think they do, so you need to get people to recognise it and build trust between them and your brand. You’re more likely to get customers to engage with you after you’ve gained their trust and can proceed to a transactional level.

Facebook ads are a good place to drive your brand, even though the platform has become a pay-to-play platform – they want to show less of the business pages as they might annoy people who are just there for social reasons. There is also an option of Facebook Messenger and chatbots.

A game changer disrupting SEO in 2019 is Voice Search – a voice query made by someone on their device on Google, Alexia, Siri and so forth – do take advantage of this trend.

Chatbots – automated assistants that are used not only for conversation but also lead capture and/or qualification of leads for businesses. This can also fall under Conversational marketing and can include Facebook chatbots, website chatbots and the like.

Micro-influencers: there was a great increase in popularity of this in 2018 and this still continues in 2019 because influencers have earned a level of trust and can persuade people into purchasing. However, people have also become wary of these so-called paid influencers so the race to authenticity is what’s important now.

One of the main trends I presented on that falls under Content Marketing is Live Video. Whether you’re on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and now, LinkedIn, video has become one of the most attention-grabbing and engaging pieces of content. If you go live, people can engage with your content as it’s happening and the platforms mentioned above notify your followers when you are live so you get maximum reach and engagement. A live experience is much more valuable to people than a pre-recorded video. Live videos can be used for both business to business or business to consumer marketing.

Highlights from Kumpukwe’s talk at the #ModernmarketingTrendCamp: