How To Maximise Your Google Ads Campaigns

Renier Meyer, Account Strategist at Google Premier Partner, iLEAD et al, discussed how you can maximise your brand campaign reach with Google at the #ModernMarketingTrendCamp. This article highlights key takeaways from his presentation. Google Searches are growing roughly 45% every year and with more than 3 Billion searches predicted in 2019, so it is crucial […]

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Retail And Pharmacy Trends To Expect In 2020

The evolution of the pharmaceutical industry is contradictory, as healthcare tries to address new illnesses as well as incorporate different ways of thinking about wellness. These contradictions are not only on the manufacturing side of the pharma industry, there’s also work to be done in retail. Eben Esterhuizen, General Manager at OnShelf Pharma shared PwC’s Pharma […]

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Synergising Technologies For The Survival Of Your Business During 4IR

Noah Khan, Regional President of Digital and Innovation for Central East Europe, Middle East and Africa at TBWA and Digital Arts Network (DAN), suggests that rather than having a pessimistic attitude to new technologies, we need to instead get a grip on understanding all the moving parts and then look for synergies and the opportunities they […]

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The Benefits Of Managing Marketing Internally For Small To Medium Businesses

Firejuice founder, Bernard Jansen, explains how small to medium businesses will benefit from managing their marketing internally as well as who should be in charge of the marketing function. Research conducted by Firejuice amongst entrepreneurs shows that only 24% of businesses do marketing internally while the other 76% don’t employ a marketing person for the […]

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2020 Graphic Design Trends

Tribe Leader of One Lady & A Tribe – Sheila McGillivray – thinks of graphic design as the corporate sister of art and says great design always flies a bold brand flag, telling the consumer it is unique and trustworthy. She discusses five graphic design trends she predicts seeing more of in 2020. 1. Break-the-rules palettes […]

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The Digital Platform That’s Ideal For B2B Digital Marketing In 2020

Judith Middleton, CEO of DUO Marketing + Communications, discusses why LinkedIn is key to effective B2B digital marketing. She unpacks why LinkedIn is different to other platforms and mentions that it continues to grow in South Africa and will likely surpass Twitter.  According to We Are Social’s Digital in 2019 report, the number of active […]

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Maximising The Mix Of Marketing Channels For Your Online Store

The challenge of channel allocation is often exacerbated for smaller clients because they can often only afford to run marketing tests in selected channels and only on a small portion of inventory available within those channels, states Raymond Smit, Head of Paid Search at Reprise Digital South Africa. Advertisers are spoilt for choice when it […]

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Kantar South Africa Helps Marketers #GetMediaRight

Fuelled by technological innovation, there are multiple new ways for brands to communicate and interact with consumers. Every consumer experience has the potential to change their attitude and behaviour towards your brand and yet budgets and resources simply cannot cover all touchpoints. This means it is more important than ever to pinpoint the moments that […]

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How Brands Can Use Content To Stand Out During The Festive Season

The festive period from Black Friday to Boxing Day is when big brands pull out all the stops to reach into consumers’ hearts and tug on their purse strings. Brands are all saying the same thing, as loudly as possible: ‘spend your money here’ Justine Drake, Content Editor at John Brown and Editor of Fresh Living magazine, and […]

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Customer Behaviour: Convenience Vs Brand Loyalty

Richard Mullins, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Acceleration, says with the ability to browse, compare and order with a few swipes and taps, consumers are becoming trained to value convenience and service above nearly anything else. What motivates them is not how much they love the brand of a retailer, service […]

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