Kirsty Dugmore, Chief Growth Officer of SugaSpice, elaborated on how marketers can use the disciplines of Behavioural Economics, Observed Consumer Behaviour and neuro-marketing to better understand consumers’ purchasing and brand decisions at the #ModernMarketingTrendCamp. This article highlights key takeaways from her presentation. 

According to Dugmore, marketing has come a very long way over the past decade. This has been largely due to the application of advanced research techniques that are grounded in scientific methodologies and the integration of science-based disciplines into the marketing fields.

People in the industry need to know and understand evidence-based marketing as it is the future of marketing in terms of understanding consumer behaviour and their relation to brands.

Observed consumer behaviour is how people are actually behaving and neuro-marketing allows you to know how they respond to your brand’s advertising. The importance of cognitive neuro-science to the field of marketing is really growing and technological advances have allowed us to better understand how the brain works, how we respond, human behaviour and the impact that marketing and advertising has on the brain.