Everlytic has released a guide on how businesses can improve their email delivery using email engagement principles, like database hygiene, refining email properties, optimising email composition and email testing.

Achieving and maintaining a high delivery rate is often more complicated than it seems. From the moment a sender hits send to when an email arrives in the recipient’s inbox, it goes through a complex series of checks to ensure it’s legitimate. And, sometimes, even the most honest emails get stuck along the way.

Karyn Strybos, marketing manager at Everlytic said, ‘Email delivery is a problem that marketers all over the world face. You spend so much time crafting your message, only to be left in the dark on whether it’s reaching your subscribers’ inboxes. We wanted to share some helpful tips to help marketers increase the chances of their emails being delivered.’

Everlytic’s Email Delivery Guide walks readers through some of the actions they can take in their email creation right now to decrease their emails’ chances of being marked as spam and improve their delivery.

Ursinius Bronkhorst, Everlytic’s deliverability manager said, ‘Email authentication is a must, and one of the simplest ways to improve delivery when using any email platform (Outlook, Everlytic, etc.). It provides assurance to the ISPs that you’re who you say you are, making your message more trustworthy and them more likely to deliver your message to the inbox.’

To explore what else can be done to improve email delivery, download the white paper here.