Offlimit Communications stressed the fact that the Coronavirus is affecting brands and the marketing industry as a whole. As the virus outbreak spreads, the world’s biggest and smallest companies have begun making contingency plans to ensure minimal impact.

Self-quarantine, working from home and social distancing may help mitigate the coronavirus but it also threatens to devastate key business operations. Think long, not short. If there is one major marketing challenge now facing most big brands, it is what to do with their newly-slashed marketing budget. The temptation is to dump it all into shorter-term performance marketing and sales promotions. That would be an error.

This is an opportunity to think and work smarter, being ahead of the curve to adapt and tackle the challenges that lie ahead. Maintain cultural relevance whilst being a beacon of hope. 

Provide digital influencer and content solutions that drive engagement and community during this isolated period, ensuring that your brand stays top of mind for consumers. Influencer, social and digital communication will play a pivotal role in ensuring brand adaption as home entertainment is on the rise and with the current climate, consumers need access to their brands in innovative ways. Monitor trends and keep abreast of how brands in other countries are faring during this crisis. 

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