Roland DG South Africa is looking for uplifting videos to brighten up this lockdown. Show your talent, your skills or just make us all laugh.

You have the time, so Roland is giving you the motivation with the Roland Unleashed Competition. Submit an original TikTok video and you could win – enter now! Sign Africa is the proud media partner of this challenge.

Prizes for top 3 most popular videos

First prize: R15,000 cash.
Second prize: R10,000 cash.
Third prize: R5,000 cash.

PLUS daily winners of R3000! There is R60,000 in cash prizes to be won!

The brief

• Make a TikTok video to entertain us!
• It can be anything you would like to share.
• Do something funny, recite a poem, give us some dance moves, fitness tips, some cooking tips or tell us your favourite joke.
• Get your whole family involved, reach out to your grandparents, brother or sister, or maybe your pets. Show us what you are doing during lockdown.
• Then upload the video on TikTok and include the hashtag #rolandunleashed

You’ve been boxed in for too long. Unleash your creative side. Everyone has something they can share. This is your time to shine, time to learn something new or time to teach another. Use this time well.

This is a competition to inspire and to lift up our spirits during these uncertain times. But one thing is certain, no matter how tough things get, the beauty of the human spirit always triumphs. So make a video to inspire or entertain South Africa. Let’s do this!

Important – original videos only please! Try to include the word UNLEASHED in your video to score extra points. It can be said or written on something in the sequence. Not dropped in when you edit it.

Show us a unique skill, something creative that you can do. Maybe you’ll sing, draw a picture, dance or do something super funny. Doesn’t matter. Just show us your creative side that has been in lockdown!

Inspire us 

We inspire each other in a never-ending race, displacing each other in our quest for adding greater value to society. Today we might be second best, tomorrow we know we might be the best – the quest is never-ending. No directors, committees, nannies or politicians needed, our passion is society’s benefactor. Those who want to exercise power over us should seek less passionate folk to mess with.

Rules overview

• The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
• Late entries will not be considered and will not be eligible. Deadline is midnight on Thursday 16 April 2020.
• Winners will be announced on Monday 20 April 2020.

Download TikTok and create a video to show off your talents. Post it up with the hashtag #rolandunleashed

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Roland Unleashed