Your Branding Partner (YBP) has received official permits to remain open during the lockdown period to locally manufacture non-medical, non-surgical and re-usable fabric face masks in the hope of combatting the spread of the Coronavirus.

The face masks are manufactured by the company itself, their local churches, communities and micro business. They closely monitor all their partners to ensure that strict quality is adhered to.

Your Branding Partner has partnered with The Smile Foundation and are contributing towards their project to support frontline medical workers with Personal Protective Equipment (PPT) such as medical face masks and gloves. Not only does Your Branding Partner get to uplift and offer local communities work and give them an income during this lockdown period (and afterwards), but they also get the opportunity to give back to a most worthy charity. 

The company uses three layers of quality, washable fabric. The total weight is 384gsm and is made up as follows:
Size: 20cm(w) x 18cm (h) – excludes the straps which are 90cm.
Inner and Outer Layers: Warp-knit Tricot Polyester fabric (112gsm).
– Middle Layer: 160gsm, D28 Poly Warp Knit.
Straps: Unfortunately, not one size fits all, so straps allow for any size head shape, including children. The mask also sits comfortably around your neck when not in use.
Washable: Masks can be safely hand or machine washed with detergent up to 50 times (unlimited if necessary) and worn next day.
Manufacturing guidelines: YBP manufactures the face masks and abides by the International Centre for Disease Control’s testing guidelines.
Virus free: all staff wear masks and sanitise on entry and all our boxes are left for 3 days before despatch. They do however recommend a wash before use.

Their current production capacity is 100,000 per day and 500,000 per week, which can be scaled if required. The masks have sparked much interest from local businesses and neighbouring countries, so the potential for income to many of these communities through this lockdown period is needed and appreciated. Many of these sewing machines are available at Your Branding Partner’s warehouse and many more through a church home upliftment programme in the townships that Your Branding Partner are supporting.

One of the company’s partners, Tarkells, has access to many of his church congregation in the locations (and other local churches) who sew for him regularly. This means that he has the capacity to produce Your Branding Partner’s non-medical face masks and personally oversees the quality control. This community is excited to be working and earning an income during this challenging time.

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