Keeping up with the global trend of being agile and maximising online technologies, Modern Marketing’s new interactive and LIVE online platform will allow audiences to experience product launches, webinars, events, video tutorials and the latest industry trends from the comfort of their personal spaces.

The LIVE Platform will feature interactive content across different online platforms (Webinars, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Live and more) that give attendees the chance to: speak to industry professionals; learn new skills in our more technical webinars featuring industry experts; address business bottlenecks; be introduced to new products; discuss the latest industry trends as well as experience virtual demonstrations of the latest product launches and more. 

Now is the time for businesses to reevaluate their processes; change their entire way of working, step up, innovate and find new opportunities. The LIVE platform explores the possibilities and opportunities for businesses not just during Covid-19, but beyond. 

View our exciting content so far here:

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