Remata Print and Brand Communications has launched its Power of Personalisation platform, in which the company is fusing digital marketing strategies with printing solutions to provide an all-round printing and communication solution.

These include strategic solutions, designed to each business’s objectives. With tactical campaigns and cross communication methods, Remata can develop platforms of engagement for audiences, incorporating a blend of print and digital infusions. The platform involves creating digitised communication that is personalised to each client that a brand or company is targeting. For example, information about a client can be used to create a personalised document with elements and facts on each page that are applicable to that person. To see an example of this by creating a personalised PDF, click here.

Cross-channel campaigns allow users to send relevant, targeted communications to their customers via a variety of platforms. Combining digital and print, cross-channel allows a business to have constructive, personalised dialogues with each of their customers through a medium of their choice.

By using traditional marketing strategies with digital innovation, users can create bespoke online campaigns on a variety of platforms including web and mobile with print elements that are tailored to suit each individual using Remata’s variable data solutions.

‘One-to-one communication is powerful. Personalised communication is the future, and we are not just talking about personalising only your name. We want to talk to the recipient at a level that applies to them across the entire communication piece. The possibilities are enormous, across all industries and platforms,’ said Kylie Lloyd, cross media and web-to-print business development manager at Remata.

‘Having information about something the audience has interest in throughout a communication piece will greatly enhance the success of the marketing campaign, as it will entice the audience to read more, and also focus more on the content. Higher engagement equals a higher return on investment,’ she added.

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