The Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 workshop for beginners, presented by Modern Marketing LIVE and Mo Jogie, Design and Strategy Director at MSD, aimed to empower participants in their unique creative scenarios, giving them a competitive advantage, and confidence to deliver professional quality design across multiple mediums from print to video and everything in-between.

‘These workshops form an important part of maximising ROI on Adobe’s gold-class toolset. MSD is proud to be part of the Modern Marketing Live Adobe series,’ said Jogie.

Feedback from the attendees was positive. ‘Thanks Mo! You are very knowledgeable. Wish we had more time!’ said Karmen De Wet of Lucky Rabbit Marketing.

Jogie discussed the variety of Adobe tools and demonstrated how to add effects, layers and textures to a graphic as well as change its colours, while illustrating the software’s ease of use. He gave tips on how Adobe Capture allows users to take photographs and transform the physical world around them into creative library assets and elements that can be incorporated into creative design work. Simply open an image or project file, edit the file and add to your Library – which can be accessed directly on a desktop and in mobile apps.

The Adobe Capture in-app extension features a new level of ease when it comes to creating and editing creative assets. Users can create and vectorise shapes on-the-fly without scanning or using live trace. Use the slider to select the level of detail and invert the image to vectorise it, and modify and apply smoothing to reduce path points. To turn the vectorised images into actionable assets, just add them to Creative Cloud Libraries and bring in the vector shapes as layers in Photoshop.

Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, UX and more. Users can take their ideas to new places by preparing professional-quality designs, exploring tools, workflows and ideal user interface settings.

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