Hyper-Personalisation Is A Key Tool In Delivering Customised Content

Candice Lee Reeves, Senior Digital Copywriter at Everlytic, asks: how do you personalise and deliver customised content to a large, broad and varied customer base? In today’s ‘noisy’ online sphere, the best way to differentiate a business is by delivering a personalised experience – the first rule of marketing is knowing your audience, after all. […]

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Loeries Announces New Chairperson And 2020/21 Board

Loeries recently held its annual general meeting, where a new board was appointed for 2020/2021. Fran Luckin, Chief Creative Officer at Grey Africa, was elected as the new chairperson, taking over from Tseliso Rangaka, Chief Creative Officer at FCB Joburg and Hellocomputer. ‘I am delighted to be joining this incredible team of industry captains to propel […]

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Immersive Digital Experiences Create Love For Brands

Yaw Dwomoh, Chief Executive Officer at Idea Hive, states that with virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and gamification, we are able to create multi-sensory experiences that evoke those same powerful emotions that make us essentially human. Our first experiences define us: the first kiss, our first day at school, the first broken arm, baby’s first smile […]

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Best UI And UX Tools For Designing A Website Or App

Bluegrass Digital CEO Nick Durrant says it takes a number of engagements to reach a final design. Additionally, preparing wireframes and mock-ups consumes a tremendous amount of time and also requires a lot of back and forth between designers and clients. Driving customer engagement through user experience (UX) is critical in today’s highly competitive business […]

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Local Media Organisations Need To Evolve To Keep Up With Global Competition

Roman Magis, Principal Director of Video, Advertising and Content for Accenture Africa, states that the world has experienced enormous disruption in the broadcasting arena. As newer and more innovative technologies change how content is created, distributed and consumed, the entry of global players is threatening the local South African market share and compelling local media […]

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Strategic Data And Genuine Relationships Can Lead To More Business

According to Lizelle McConnell, Head of Sales at Tractor Outdoor, data is now almost a basic passport to getting the deal. Data is undoubtedly necessary when justifying why any medium should be on a schedule, especially for multinational brands who have strict tracking criteria, and where bonuses are dependent on key performance indicators (KPI) delivery. […]

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AI Is An Opportunity To Hyper-Personalise Advertising On A Big Scale

According to Natascha Torres, digital strategist at DataCore Media, one of the most exciting opportunities an age of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) holds for marketers is the ability to hyper-personalise advertising on a massive scale. The tools we have at our disposal make it increasingly viable to customise messaging and creative on digital platforms […]

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