As consumers are thrust into a more digital lifestyle by the restrictions put in place to curb the pandemic, TAPTAP Digital announced its Sonata Audiences technology to provide brands with critical insights about new patterns of behaviour continuing to emerge.

To implement an effective, value-added communication strategy that keeps up with the evolving needs of consumers amidst the pandemic, fresh insights are a must for any advertiser. Sonata Audiences draw on multiple dimensions of online and offline data, bound together by geospatial intelligence, to create a granular picture of the user journey.

Measures taken to reduce the effects of Covid-19 have generated a behavioural shift: e-commerce activity has grown by 200%, indicating that a significant proportion of new digital transactions were previously made offline.

As we have heard from widespread consumer studies that now is not the time to stop communicating, brands need to find ways to engage with different groups of audiences – many of whom are migrating from offline to online shopping. The level of accuracy of the extensive 1st and 3rd party dataset in Sonata gives brands the ability to build custom affinity profiles that can be activated in any context in the digital ecosystem.

‘A key part of our understanding of the user is based on the frequency and recurrence of their offline visits to points of interest (often to points of sale). When we cross-reference this dynamic information with the user’s online activity, we get a much better picture of the user and where they are on the path to conversion,’ said Andrew Gillet, Commercial Director of Africa Media Alliance (TAPTAP’s South African partner). 

TAPTAP audience profiles are based on six dimensions:

Digital and Device Profiles.
Real-Time and Historical Location.
Campaign Affinity.
Intent Signals.
Custom Data.

TAPTAP targets these audiences with strategic media activations on behalf of brands to shift them from historically physical customers to e-commerce customers. ‘We also factor in dynamic moments and offer these online audiences multiple Tap2Action ad units. These can include Tap2Web, Tap2Shop or Tap2Download to deliver an online discount or offer. For clients who have reopened retail operations or those who are always-on (like Consumer-Packaged Goods), our Tap2Map continues to be a resource that drives footfall,’ added Gillet. 

Calvin van Rensburg, Head of Programmatic at Dentsu Aegis Media commented, ‘We briefed the team at TAPTAP to build a custom audience segment for a beauty client who had historically sold a high proportion of their product through a large retailer. With the onset of Covid-19, we had to connect with these users and redirect them to the e-commerce offering whilst stores were still closed. Using historical and fresh data, we built custom audiences who had been in this and other beauty retailers and who showed intent through their online and app activity. As a result, we were able to shift their purchase behaviour from offline to online.’

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