Colop Marking Solutions SA has announced that the new e-mark create, which is ideal as a personalisation and marketing tool, is now available in South Africa. The palm-sized mobile printer, suitable for creatives, makes printing in colour directly on any absorbent surface possible, with just a simple sideways swipe of the device. 

All kinds of folders, envelopes, bags and more, can be easily personalised. It is also ideal for use at events. Colourful imprints, designed by just a tap of the finger, make ordinary surfaces and objects extraordinary and individual. Users can print on almost every absorbent surface such as paper, cardboard, wood, textile, cork and many others. This makes the device a very flexible creative tool. 

The process is simple: download the e-mark create app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android) and connect your device. Then design your own or use predefined templates, send the imprint to the device, and print. Users can print in any colour combination in high resolution, making printing pictures, logos or other graphical elements easy.  

COLOP’s accessories range increases the flexibility of the e-mark create even further. They offer a Ribbon Guide and Ribbons for making presents and decorating, wristbands that can be personalised for events, Endless-Labels with a special coating to make the imprint scratch and waterproof, and more. Available in Black or White with a protective case.

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