Lisa Schneider, Managing Director of the Digital School of Marketing, says that there are 3.5 billion social media users globally who spend, on average, 3.5 hours a day on their chosen platform. So, whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, social media networks have a dedicated user base.

At least 92% of marketers say that video marketing is an incredibly important part of any digital marketing strategy as it is a very engaging medium. It is predicted that, by 2021, people will be watching 100 minutes of online video every single day.

This means that by combining video marketing content with social media, you will end up with a very powerful form of marketing message that will deliver the impact you want, and then some.

There are a number of types of videos that you can put together for your marketing on social media.

These are:

  • Demonstration videos.
  • Brand videos.
  • Event videos.
  • Videos of expert interviews.
  • Educational or how-to videos.
  • Explainer videos.
  • Animated or case study videos.
  • Live videos.
  • VR and AR videos.
  • Videos containing personalised messaging.

The type of video that you decide to create will depend on your company as well as the product and/or service that you offer. For example, if you are selling a blender, you’ll want to put together a how-to video to show people how to use it, the various smoothies you can make with it as well as the other meals. This will prompt people to buy it.

How to properly make marketing videos

  1. Plan the video and script it. This will allow you to closely stick to the purpose of the video and make sure that you achieve your goals.
  2. If you are shooting a DIY video, make sure you understand the camera that you’re using well so that you’re able to derive the full benefit from its features.
  3. Even if you’re shooting the video on a smartphone, you still need to take into account things like lighting, camera angles and noise reduction.

Video marketing is possibly one of the most successful forms of digital marketing, however, in order to reap the full benefit of this exercise it needs to be done correctly.