The Nedbank IMC white paper states two rules: everything has changed so change with your customers and stop calling everybody Millennials. These are just the first in a succinct list of rules and highlights outlined in a white paper from the conference, which took place online in July with 1200 delegates.

Prepared by Caitlin Ferreira, Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Head of Section at the Red & Yellow Creative School of Business and Adjunct Lecturer in Marketing at the University of Cape Town, the paper outlines five main themes extracted from the 18 local and international speakers. The overall theme of the conference was ‘Marketing works. More than ever. Work it’.

‘I summarised five key themes from the conference in the white paper. These themes focus on the importance of understanding your customers, the rise of the conscious consumer, the inevitability of change – particularly in 2020, the power of creativity and a look at the future of the marketing industry. The white paper offers marketers insight into where they should be focusing their energy to weather the storm of these unprecedented times. Amidst all the uncertainty that 2020 has brought with it, it has also brought many opportunities for marketers. It has given us the opportunity to reset, to reinforce our brand purpose, to re-examine our priorities and to be more human,’ said Ferreira. 

Tim Legg, CEO of Ole!Connect, who partnered with the Nedbank IMC in producing the paper, confirmed that one of his key observations from the conference was that brands need to be more agile and creative than ever before. ‘Increased personalisation of marketing and understanding individual consumer behaviour is necessary for more targeted and relevant communication.’

‘This is an easy, must-read for anyone in marketing’ said Dale Hefer, IMC CEO. Click here to download the white paper.