This year, Modern Marketing called on different agencies to take part in our Digital TrendCamp video series. 

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos on advertising, branding and marketing trends and topics. Here is a recap of the TrendCamp videos received this year: 

E-commerce – brands selling online

Social media usage during SA lockdown

Representation of African languages in advertising

Brand differentiation vs brand distinctiveness

Creating change in the creative industry during Covid-19

Brands generating non-Covid-19 related content

Coronavirus pandemic presents technology and methods to inspire customers

Where does your brand feature when it comes to all things online?

Embracing creativity during the lockdown

The power of automation

Determining your brand through social media data

What customers want brands to do during lockdown

Recession-proofing your brand

Communication and content across the digital marketing landscape in the new normal

Tips for building an in-house agency

Re-imagining retail and creating a personalised shopping experience

Positioning your website for success through SEO

Diversity in the branding and advertising industry