Online Users Open To New Social Media Networks

According to Meltwater, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, new social media platforms have been welcomed with open arms by online users, in the search for new and meaningful ways to connect differently to the usual social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.  Although Telegram, Omegle and Clubhouse existed long before the pandemic, 2020 […]

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Measuring The Lifetime Value Of Customers Through Marketing

Grant Lapping, MD at DataCore Media, suggests that companies should be moving towards measuring the lifetime value of the customers they convert through their digital campaigns and channels. This is easier said than done because it demands that digital agencies look beyond digital campaign data and also draw on company-owned insights about their customer base. […]

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Put Some Skin In The Advertising Game

Stuart Walsh, Chief Strategy Officer at Grey Advertising Africa, says the lack of ‘skin’ in the game in advertising creates an unfortunate credibility gap, especially when advice involves the client spending more money. Every time you tell a client they should take more risks – that the greater the risk, the greater the reward – try […]

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Adapting Digital And Marketing Strategies To Changing Consumer Behaviour

According to Desirée  Gullan, co-founder and executive creative director of G&G Digital, a major takeaway from the pandemic is that it permanently changed consumer behaviour, both online and offline. Marketing professionals, businesses and organisations need to adapt to this behaviour change. Many marketing professionals were unprepared for the digital revolution that came with the 2020 […]

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Boost Your Brand Profile Through Email Signatures

According to Rocketseed, email signatures need to be up to the challenges ahead, such as remote-working staff, retaining your customer base, driving sales and boosting your brand profile.  How to start 2021 with the best email signature for your brand or company:  Add email signature marketing banners to drive sales At times like this, you […]

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Adopting A Marketing Approach That Connects Brands With Customers

According to Percy Shangase, Managing Owner at Amashuku Marketing Solutions, now more than ever, marketers need to be intentional in their efforts to harness an insights-infused multiple disciplinary marketing approach to connect with their customers, who are shrinking owing to eroding discretionary spend. 2020 was the year to learn from, despite business closures, retrenchments, erosion […]

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Brands Should Use Data To Humanise Customer Relationships

Haydn Townsend, managing director of Accenture Interactive, says the push and pull between consumers’ desire to be known and their wish for privacy has increasingly become an issue for brands. Leading brands are now using data to humanise their customer relationships while learning where to draw the line between invasive and inventive. Many consumers feel brands […]

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Marketers Should Embrace The Inclusion Revolution

Nicky Brand, Senior Business Consultant at Acceleration, a Wunderman Thompson company, says given that 70% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that are inclusive, marketers are embracing the ‘inclusion revolution’ by means of ad campaigns, social content and CSI initiatives. While this helps normalise disability, very few organisations are engaged in evolving their products […]

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Data Lies At The Heart Of Online Immersion

Shaune Jordaan, Hoorah Digital CEO, states that applying the right kind of data, as with technology in general, has the potential to streamline operational efficiencies and strengthen the quality of decision-making. It is critical that brands understand that data lies at the heart of online immersion. When it comes to creativity in marketing, and advertising […]

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