Is Disruptive Innovation A Strategic Error Or Best Practice?

According to Mark Barden, partner at eatbigfish, not understanding whether you are creating a long-term, defensible business model could be a strategic error that catches up with you once every entrepreneur in town sees how easy it is to copy your technical capabilities. ‘Disruption’ has become such a buzzword, pervading everything from the hotel industry […]

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Valiant Expands Digital Services With Brand Relaunch

As a 51% black female-owned digital-first agency, the partners have reshaped BrandTruth//DGTL as Valiant, and the newly named company has an even deeper layer of services to help clients across Africa grow and to deliver business results that matter. Valiant’s extended set of digital services include: Valiant Connect, Valiant Performance and Valiant Production. The agency offers […]

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Products Become Brands When Consistency Is Ensured

According to Johan Kruger, Head of Context at Consulta, a brand promise happens on a subconscious level when someone or something becomes trusted by consistently delivering a good experience. It happens repeatedly, creating the expectation – even if on a sub-conscious level – that it will always be so. This branded experience happens spontaneously and is […]

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Why Buy-In From The Highest Level In Business Is Essential For Marketers

Themed ‘Marketing. The Movie’, the Nedbank IMC 2021 is taking place virtually on 29 July 2021 and one of the performances of the day will be by Mike Brown, Nedbank Group CEO, and Khensani Nobanda, Nedbank Group Executive Marketing and Corporate Affairs. They will have a discussion on ‘How to ensure your CEO doesn’t see […]

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Creating Unique Ways To Involve Shopping Mall Tenants In Marketing Strategies

According to Amanda Rabinowitz-Muller, director and founder of JellyBean Concept Events, shopping mall marketing teams, together with events agencies, are creating new and unique ways to involve tenants in their marketing strategies. Interactive storefronts  Vacant stores are on the rise and it’s a leasing managers nightmare to keep these stores from looking empty. Instead of incurring […]

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Watch The Webinar On Building A Culture Of Wellbeing In The Workplace

Printing SA, in partnership with Health Squared and Agility, hosted a free and informative webinar that addressed how to prioritise overall health and wellbeing in the printing, signage, packaging and visual communications sectors. Panellists included: – Marcia le Roux, Sales Executive for Agility Channel. – Hannele Steyn, Founder and CEO behind The Passion 4 Wholeness range of […]

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The Human Element Enhances Communication Between Brands And Audiences

According to Zubeida Goolam, Chief Creative Officer at Valiant, the adoption of new technologies should only eliminate communication barriers between the brand and its audience, not worsen the experience. The human element is always key to transformation. Transformation in digital marketing must begin internally to leverage external opportunities. It is up to the organisation to […]

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The Future Of Publishers And Advertisers In A Third-Party Cookieless World

Colleen Rose, Consulting Director at Acceleration, a Wunderman Thompson company, states that while welcomed by privacy advocates, the looming demise of the third-party cookie has caused some anxiety among publishers and advertisers. For the last 20 years, third-party cookies have been a foundational part of digital advertising, allowing user behaviour to be tracked across websites […]

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Combining Traditional And Digital Media To Serve More Market Segments

According to Sikota Suuya Bones, media director at Dentsu Zambia, the general assumption is that the appetite for digital media has grown exponentially. Are clients ready to shift their budget from traditional media to new media that allows them to make real-time changes and track campaign performance with various KPIs? Consumers and clients are going to adapt […]

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