Fabio Longano, CEO and founder of TouchFoundry, says to create something successful you need to make sure there is an aspect of longevity and it is critical to maintain consistent marketing efforts. This means you need to keep engaging and reengaging with your audience to stay top of mind and ahead of the competition.

As a result, a huge amount of pressure falls to the marketing team to produce high-end, engaging content that keeps the customers coming back to your platforms for more. Studies show that the majority of sales can be tracked back to a specific campaign, which means that a company’s bottom line is directly impacted by every cent that is invested in their marketing efforts.

Due to the current economic landscape, you constantly need to be updating your online platforms, as this is where most customers are being exposed to brands on a daily basis. This means that a company needs to constantly be creating visually-gripping mailers, updating microsites, developing campaign tools and implementing innovative CRM workflows and sales funnels.

However, these tasks often fall outside of an internal marketing team’s scope of work or expertise. As a result, businesses often turn to hiring specialised staff on a freelance basis rather than training departments every time there is a new requirement, which can be expensive.

So, what does this mean for your business? And how can you ensure that you are optimising your marketing team’s abilities and staying up to date with necessary processes while still minimising expenses?

Firstly you need to choose a marketing tool that works for your company. I have learnt from my time in the industry that, yes, we have all our pieces laid out, but the business needs are forever changing. The opportunities to improve, reduce costs and increase the deliverables are usually found in unlikely forms.

I believe that the term ‘supercharging’ will become more common as the marketing and digital landscapes continue to grow and become more complex. Supercharging refers to a service that is offered to marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams, it basically serve as an external ‘tech plug-in’. A continuous cycle of briefing, check in, delivery and grooming for improved output will result in continuous exponential growth.

There are a number of benefits to ‘supercharging’ a team in this way:

• Access to experts: there is no need to worry about recruiting freelancers or additional staff, as the business will have direct access to seasoned specialists that will optimise pipeline outputs.
• Knowledge share with the existing marketing team: as the teams work together, knowledge will be shared with the marketing team. The goal is to find gaps in the workforce and build a system of constant analysis and improvement.
• Flexible contracts that adapt to budgets: some tasks/issues arise sporadically and each new challenge requires a unique skillset, leaving room for redundancy and overstaffing. It is more cost-effective, therefore, having a ‘tech plug-in’ that helps roll out material and manage content flow.
• Direct support communication channels: through a project management system all updates, changes, work done and comments are updated live. Roles can be assigned, project timelines set and tasks prioritised, so there is never a moment when a team member is unsure of where they stand in the greater process.
• Exponential value return with every campaign launched: by continuously developing a cycle of briefing, check-in, delivery and grooming for improved output, the value that is provided as a cohesive unit is continuously growing.
• Tried and tested product development processes: there is continuous improvement in the development process and testing out new processes.