Khethi Ngwenya, CEO of SchoolMedia, says Covid-19 has changed the way in which brands communicate with their target market. When it comes to youth marketing, it is important to look at what unites us during this time, even with social distancing. The reality is that with people having to be in isolation, most of the youth are spending their time online.

Having a strong online and social media presence is key in promoting your brand and connecting with your audience. The youth are most likely to follow brands that have a strong digital presence, offer a personal touch and engage well with consumers. Brands that are winning are those that have adopted a content led marketing strategy.

Content led marketing is when a brand focuses on creating and sharing relevant, consistent and informative content that people can engage with. This form of marketing is important as it is the base on which you promote your brand online and it also helps you build trust amongst your target market.

Managing good and consistent online relationships with your audience has become more important than ever as people now have a virtual relationship with brands. Social media is a huge part of many young people’s lives, especially now as they are spending a lot of time online. Brands should use social media analytics to see which of their social media content resonates best with their target market and consider creating more content of that nature..

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