Grant Kruger, Business Lead ID/IT at LG Electronics South Africa, says deciding to add digital signage to your company’s marketing strategy will give you an exciting and unique way to tell your brand story. Of course, the use of social media, print and TV are still effective forms of marketing, however, when it comes to simplicity and cost-effectiveness, digital signage is the way to go.

In-store marketing is more relevant than ever

The global pandemic may have changed many things, but it has not changed the appeal of walking into a store and browsing through available options. However, human interaction has always been difficult to manage, especially now in a post-Covid-19 world, so in-store promotions can be tricky. This is where digital signage comes in.

Products and services still need to be marketed and sold to customers, which means that the marketing collateral used to do so needs to be unique, attention-grabbing and do all of the heavy lifting for you. Digital signage can display content in vivid, bold colour, enhancing details for a more realistic viewing experience. As soon as someone walks into the store, beautifully colourful displays are bound to catch their eye.

Digital signage should not replace your existing strategy

This is where a lot of people get confused. Digital signage should form part of your current marketing strategy and align with your ongoing advertising efforts. It is a platform that supports multiple forms of media, can easily be updated or changed and requires minimal maintenance. This means you can easily change the advertisement displayed without hiring a team to uninstall the previous set-up.

Your brand message is communicated and shared in an easy-to-understand manner that is true to its form – nothing gets lost in translation. And should you need to quickly change your campaign for whatever reason, it is a simple matter of uploading new elements. Popular commercial displays even have built-in speakers, allowing you to include sound when advertising. After all, digital signage is about appealing to your viewer’s senses and offering an experience they will never forget.

Offering a safe way to reach out

Social distancing is a must in this day and age, which means approaching people directly to promote your product or directing them to where it is stocked can be difficult. Without skimping on customer service, support and satisfaction, digital signage offers a way to direct potential customers to where products can be found, improving their shopping experience.

Digital signage opens up other opportunities for customer support, enabling screens that answer common customer questions or even connect customers to a salesperson for assistance. This is incredibly helpful for reaching a wider audience while securing sales and frees up your customer service team to deal with more pressing issues.

The future is vibrant, the future is digital

When it comes to reaching an ever-changing audience, having the right tools at your disposal will ensure that you get the job done right, every time. Consumers are attracted to vividly beautiful colours and unique, moving elements. This is where digital signage reigns supreme and makes all the difference.