More Female Voices Will Strengthen The OOH Industry

According to Lizelle Mc Connell, Sales Director at Tractor Outdoor, out of home (OOH) is not the same industry it was two decades ago. Across the global landscape, the OOH arena has typically been an industry that has seen more men enter its ranks than women – but things are starting to change. And this change is desperately needed, said Mc Connell, but [...]

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How To Maintain Brand Health

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, as a starting point, companies need to assess their brand health and determine if they are still relevant in the market today. To achieve this they need to understand what is important to their customers today and evaluate if their brand purpose and brand promise are still relevant for today’s discerning consumers. [...]

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Graphics, Print And Sign Live Demo Expo Showcasing Latest Technology And Trends

Modern Marketing is one of the media partners for the Graphics, Print & Sign Live Demo Expo, taking place from 5-7 October 2021, where visitors can discover innovative technology and product demonstrations of the latest branding solutions that have been launched. Be inspired to start your own business or diversify your existing business with the latest products.  Graphics Print & Sign [...]

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Brands Need Proper Measurement And Success Criteria For Social Media

According to Richard Lord, Media & Operations Director at Meta Media, during 2020, TV benefitted from a captive, stay-at-home audience with more time on their hands. Newspapers and magazines suffered as traditional distribution channels were decimated. Out of Home (OOH) fell off a cliff as there was nobody out and about. And the platform that arguably benefitted the most? Digital. 2020 [...]

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Will Facebook Remain Relevant In Years To Come?

Kyle Oosthuizen, Chief Operating Officer at Blue Robot does not believe Facebook will go the same way of MySpace and MxIt, notwithstanding more and more platforms entering the market. ‘Because of Facebook’s development power, it will never fall behind other platforms. It is also catering to a changing audience and has changed with that audience.’ He explained that when Facebook first [...]

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