Joe Hamman, Director Novus Group, says that with the rise of AI-generated content, reputation management matters now more than ever.

At a time when AI-generated content is blurring the lines between what is real and what is fabricated with the capabilities to generate content at scale and influence public opinion, brand reputation management has become more important than ever. While media monitoring has always been a crucial aspect of managing brand reputation, these new dynamics have significantly increased its importance.

‘The rise of AI in creating sophisticated media, such as deepfakes as seen with the recent Tayor Swift issues on X, and AI text, pose significant threats to brand reputation,’ said Hamman. ‘The proliferation of AI-generated content makes media monitoring essential to flag any potential issues when it comes to a company’s reputation. Rapid and early detection allow brands to respond quickly and mitigate potential damage.’

The potential for deepfakes and other AI-generated content to influence public opinion in the upcoming South African elections is of concern. Created at scale, this content can easily help the spread of misinformation and fake news. But this is a global challenge.

Platforms like YouTube have begun implementing labelling systems for AI-generated content to help users distinguish it from human-created content. Meta, on the other hand, uses fact-checking partners who clearly label misinformation and inform users before they share this content. They also ensure it appears lower in the feed to reduce the number of people who see it.

AI tools and skilled human resources make it possible to analyse vast amounts of data across various platforms to promptly understand the sentiment about a brand or topic. The need for real-time media monitoring becomes indispensable in the event of a crisis. There are tools that can track the spread and sentiment related to the crisis, enabling brands to make informed decisions that help contain the situation and protect their reputation.

It’s important to continually innovate and update media monitoring solutions to rapidly respond to the evolving media landscape. Given how almost 80% of publishers globally have admitted to the importance of AI in content generation, it’s important to choose a company that keeps refining their approach to provide clients with the most accurate and reliable media monitoring services to ensure they have the tools to manage their reputation effectively.