Pinnacle Digital Solutions Highlights Event Branding Products

Brand management and events branding solutions company, Pinnacle Digital Solutions, highlighted its wide product range at the recent Modern Marketing Expo. The product range includes: Sharkfin banners, Telescopic banners, Windcheaters, Pull Up banners and X Frame banners. Banner walls, Frame banners, Fabri Frames, A-Frame banners and parasols. Fence wraps, curved bannerwalls, media back drops, table cloths and bunting. Country […]

Seven Tips For Brands To Dominate The Retail Space For Black Friday

Cindy Diamond, Group Sales Director at Mediamark, states that recent surveys conducted separately by Jacaranda FM and East Coast Radio revealed similar learnings, with an overwhelming number of participants (75% +) stating that they actively engage in shopping on Black Friday either in-store or online.  These audience surveys disclosed that the most popular Black Friday shopping […]

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How Can You Make Your Brand Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace?

Wynand Smit, CEO INOVO, suggested that instead of looking to change or adjust their service or product offering, South African businesses can attract and retain customers simply by providing seamless and efficient customer service. In an environment in which quality customer service is infamously absent, this can be an almost instantaneous (and relatively easy) way […]

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Brands Must Connect With Consumers To Survive 

According to Jarred Cinman, CEO of the recently rebranded VMLY&R South Africa, any brand that is not truly connected with its consumers is at risk of survival in the future. Cinman said that consumers care less and less every day about advertising that is irrelevant, interruptive, boring and irritating. ‘We all know creativity sells, but there’s no question that if agencies [...]

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Consumers Influenced By Social Media In Their Food And Beverage Purchases

According to a recent Innova Market Insights consumer study, one in ten consumers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands and Australia are influenced by social media in their food and beverage purchases. That number increases to a whopping one in five in China and India. In SA, the case is bound to be similar with more than 23 million [...]

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Brands Drive Creativity And Innovation Through Diversity

Louise Hefer, Business Unit Manager at The MediaShop, loves how South Africans can have a conversation around bananas and hear five different ways of what to eat it with from five different people. Not only does our power lie in our diversity but more importantly, our diversity of thought. Let’s face it, we naturally gravitate to people who look, think or [...]

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