Synergising Technologies For The Survival Of Your Business During 4IR

Noah Khan, Regional President of Digital and Innovation for Central East Europe, Middle East and Africa at TBWA and Digital Arts Network (DAN), suggests that rather than having a pessimistic attitude to new technologies, we need to instead get a grip on understanding all the moving parts and then look for synergies and the opportunities they […]

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Kantar South Africa Helps Marketers #GetMediaRight

Fuelled by technological innovation, there are multiple new ways for brands to communicate and interact with consumers. Every consumer experience has the potential to change their attitude and behaviour towards your brand and yet budgets and resources simply cannot cover all touchpoints. This means it is more important than ever to pinpoint the moments that […]

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How Brands Can Use Content To Stand Out During The Festive Season

The festive period from Black Friday to Boxing Day is when big brands pull out all the stops to reach into consumers’ hearts and tug on their purse strings. Brands are all saying the same thing, as loudly as possible: ‘spend your money here’ Justine Drake, Content Editor at John Brown and Editor of Fresh Living magazine, and […]

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Customer Behaviour: Convenience Vs Brand Loyalty

Richard Mullins, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Acceleration, says with the ability to browse, compare and order with a few swipes and taps, consumers are becoming trained to value convenience and service above nearly anything else. What motivates them is not how much they love the brand of a retailer, service […]

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The Role Of Technology In Brand Security

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO of BrandQuantum mentions that while technology is a key challenge for data breaches and fraud, it also has to be part of the solution. Governance, Risk and Compliance software offer companies a solution to address several of the GRC challenges they face by automating mundane reporting tasks and providing a […]

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Six Points To Consider When Creating Content For Your Brand Campaign

According to Zubeida Goolam, Co-Founder and Creative Partner at Brandtruth/DGTL, trust is built by a brand’s credible and constant visibility. It is estimated that individuals are exposed to between 4000 and 10,000 advertisements a day. Why would any of these users stop, take notice and act on your call to action? Because they trust your […]

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Brands Can Enhance Customer Engagement Through AI

The main reasons organisations turn to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is that they dramatically improve efficiency, can reduce errors and save time. They are also used to produce exceptionally detailed and useful business performance analysis. This is according to Ashleigh Wainstein, director of Martech firm, Social Places. The use of AI and Machine […]

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TBWA Africa Conference 2019 Highlights Podcast Content Creation And More

Modern Marketing attended the annual #TBWAAfricaConference under the theme #Disrupt at Katy’s Palace and Bar in Johannesburg on 1 November. The conference highlighted topics such as podcast content creation, the Fourth Industrial Revolution and technology in Africa.  ‘We plan to maintain momentum into 2020. Affiliates are building volumes by providing more services in each market […]

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Becoming A Challenger Brand Is A State Of Mind

Adam Morgan, founder and partner of eatbigfish, explains that a challenger brand is defined, primarily, by a mindset – it has business ambitions bigger than its conventional resources, and is prepared to do something bold, usually against the existing conventions or codes of the category, to break through. There are many categories in the African […]

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Protecting Your Brand From Digital Ad Fraud

One of the areas of brand safety that raises alarm bells within the C-suite of large corporate organisations (beyond the marketing department) is the report of their marketing dollars being spent on fraudulent advertising. Federico de Nardis, GroupM Africa CEO, discusses the practice of ad fraud, and how to address it.  Ad fraud is ‘impressions […]

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