Creating Brand Value In The Digital Age

Kantar and IAB’s online insights in action series, held on 30 September 2020, featured Natalie Otte, Head of Kantar Insights Johannesburg, and Stina van Rooyen, Head of Brand at Kantar Insights Division. They shared learnings from BrandZ’s Top 30 Most Valuable South African Brands report 2020. Top BrandZ is the largest brand-building platform in the […]

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Building Brand Trust Through Customer Experience And Privacy

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum International, states that privacy management is critical, not only as a compliance tool for legal and compliance practitioners but also as a tool for building trust with customers. As such, marketers have to be involved in privacy programmes to establish trust and deliver the best user experience to […]

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Reinventing Your Brand Amid Digital Disruption

Head of Design at Eclipse Communications, Shamesh Padayachy, says there are several ways for brands to increase visibility, attract and retain clients, and improve online ranking against competitors. The shifting media landscape and the greater amount of time consumers are spending online have forced brands to rethink how to better use their digital platforms and […]

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Retailers Need To Adapt To New Consumer Habits

Associate Media Consultant at The MediaShop, Sean Sullivan, said the mental impact of the pandemic has run deep, but brands that offer reassurance of safety, along with a message of optimism, show solidarity as consumers regain confidence. Changes in consumer habits have taken place on a massive scale due to lockdowns and social distancing decrees. […]

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Tips For Creating Engaging Content

Zubeida Goolam, co-founder and creative partner at Brandtruth//DGTL, discusses the apps and other technologies available to create engaging content. With well over 100 days of a nationwide lockdown, can this still be considered the new way of life, given that it is likely to last for the foreseeable future? With locals adjusting to work-from-home or more […]

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Agencies Are Pivoting To Digital

Desirée Gullan, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital, discusses how digital came to the rescue when the pandemic struck. The scale of disruption during the Covid-19 pandemic has forced communications agencies globally to rethink their strategies, which, for many, has meant a radical pivot to be more digital. Important insights when pivoting to […]

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Learn How To Do Your Own Promotional Product Branding In-House

Meet the experts to assist you with the ultimate all in one print solution to grow your offering and add value to your business. Join the Sign Africa LIVE session featuring Uprint Digital Direct for an interactive Q&A session and live demonstrations on the ultimate solution to brand in-house: the A4 CMYW Uprint printer. The printer offers an all […]

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Seven Trends To Realign Brand Fundamentals

Marcel Rossouw, Group Director for Fjord Johannesburg, part of Accenture Interactive, states that the pandemic has accelerated our adoption and collaboration with technology. The new normal looks more like the never normal and presents exciting opportunities for brands to embrace innovation using design thinking and technology.  Trend 1: The many faces of growth A fundamental reset button […]

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