Brands Shifting Focus Towards Digital Channels 

Ed Flower, Chief Commercial Officer at Acceleration, mentions that businesses, from big-brand, high-street retailers, to the personal trainer at the local gym, are needing to deliver their services and products online. Governments and central banks are unleashing radical measures to support economies. That would have seemed unthinkable even during other times of global economic stress […]

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Brands Can Drive The Commercial Evolution Of Organisations Into A New Era

According to Abey Mokgwatsane, Managing executive of brand, communication and sponsorship at Vodacom, humanity has just been dealt a body blow, leaving us feeling vulnerable and anxious and questioning the very core of our personal existence. This creates an opportunity for brands to step up and provide utility, assurance and hope. It is done through […]

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Screenline Offering Covid-19 Custom And Branded Products

Screenline has updated their website and announced that they are now an essential supplier service. Screenline is assisting during the Covid-19 crisis by offering related signage and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for businesses. Screenline is supporting businesses in getting their message across while protecting their valued staff and clientele with their range of products. The […]

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TRIGA Launches Hygiene And Protection Solutions

Using the TRIGA Go System, numerous innovative solutions can be devised to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic, with a rage of applications. Mobile Clinic/Testing Station These portable booths can be erected without tools in an extremely short space of time. Consisting of a modular aluminium frame structure and printed textile panels, these lightweight TRIGA […]

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Display Mania Introduces Disinfection Stand

Adequate hand hygiene is an important measure to maintain a healthier environment or workplace especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The newly introduced elbow action disinfection stand is made to hold up different sized pump-action sanitiser bottles. It comprises of an adjusting knob to fit the small size. The stand comes with a poster frame that […]

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Modern Marketing Digital Trendcamp: Brand Differentiation vs Brand Distinctiveness

Our Modern Marketing Digital Trendcamp features Kirsty Dugmore, Chief Growth Officer at SugaSpice, whose video highlights the difference between brand differentiation and brand distinctiveness. The video is below and also live on our Youtube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on advertising/branding/marketing trends and topics. Send a 3-4 minute audible video of […]

SG Branding Offering Customised Face Masks

Due to the nature of their production facility, SG Branding are producing face masks as an essential service during Lockdown.  The Face Masks are available in plain black/white or printed. They have a variety of patterns to choose from, or customers can get Face Masks custom printed with their own design/logo. The 100% Polyester Face Masks come standard with […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility Can Boost Brand And Product Communication

According to Billy Lascaris of Matriarch, positivity feeds positivity and good news drives sentiment, creating jobs and stimulating growth. Corporate Social Responsibility/Investment (CSI) is an opportunity for companies to include their socio responsible attitude and actions in brand and product communication. Broad stakeholder value replaces narrow shareholder interest. A responsible attitude towards society and the […]

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Empathy Drives Human Connection That Leads To Memorable Customer Experience

According to Dr Sibongile Vilakazi of Kantar SA, there’s no better time than the COVID-19 pandemic for brands to show the utmost empathy. The COVID-19 pandemic is dubbed the greatest global crisis since World War II. It has threatened our existence when we least expected it. Progressive business leaders were still thinking and talking about […]

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