Social Places Survey Shows That Online Reviews Continue To Grow Exponentially

Social Places has released the statistics from the second edition of their annual online Local landscape survey, which show that online reviews continue to grow exponentially and how businesses are managing these reviews have a direct impact on a business’s bottom line. These statistics offer insight into how South African consumers engage with businesses online, […]

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Structure Your Rebrand To Be Research-Led

Tessa Nowosenetz and Christine Nyatsambo, KLA, say that working with the right market research partner before, during and after your rebranding process gives you access to consumer and sector insights that can enrich your efforts.  Car brand KIA claimed a Guinness World Record in early 2021, and it had nothing to do with cars. The 303 […]

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Now Is The Time For Brands To Build And Leverage A Highly Engaged Audience

Jonathan Lumley, Head of Clients, Channels and Markets at immedia, says if community is the focus of your organisation, you have a superpower that can grow your bottom line. For brands, businesses and organisations that have audiences, members or communities, there is no better time than the present to build and leverage a highly engaged […]

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There Is An Opportunity To Enhance Brand Equity And Customer Loyalty For The Future

Marketers that invest in understanding how people’s emotions and values are changing in the face of multiple national lockdowns and Covid-19 waves will position their brands to thrive in this volatile landscape. To keep pace, brands need to move beyond demographics and focus more than ever on psychographics. This is according to Virginia Alvarez, Head […]

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Is Disruptive Innovation A Strategic Error Or Best Practice?

According to Mark Barden, partner at eatbigfish, not understanding whether you are creating a long-term, defensible business model could be a strategic error that catches up with you once every entrepreneur in town sees how easy it is to copy your technical capabilities. ‘Disruption’ has become such a buzzword, pervading everything from the hotel industry […]

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The Human Element Enhances Communication Between Brands And Audiences

According to Zubeida Goolam, Chief Creative Officer at Valiant, the adoption of new technologies should only eliminate communication barriers between the brand and its audience, not worsen the experience. The human element is always key to transformation. Transformation in digital marketing must begin internally to leverage external opportunities. It is up to the organisation to […]

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Public Relations A Crucial Element In Brand Communication During A Pandemic

According to Obren Msuku, Managing Director of Msuku Media, the big strategic question as we enter 2021 surely must be not how to slash all costs, but how to optimise spend in areas that help the business survive the current crisis while still positioning itself for future growth. Within the realm of brand communication, public […]

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Addressing Consumers’ Rising Brand Expectations

According to Haydn Townsend, Managing Director for Accenture Interactive in Africa, alongside emphasis on hygiene and handwashing, people are seeking fitness classes online and returning to the weekly ‘big shop’ for the first time in years. People’s expectations of businesses and brands are rising – working out the implications will be critical to businesses’ survival. […]

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