Keeping Your Brand Relevant

Offlimit Communications stressed the fact that the Coronavirus is affecting brands and the marketing industry as a whole. As the virus outbreak spreads, the world’s biggest and smallest companies have begun making contingency plans to ensure minimal impact. Self-quarantine, working from home and social distancing may help mitigate the coronavirus but it also threatens to […]

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Advertisers Need To Consider Their Messaging During COVID-19

Jane Ostler, the Global Head of Media, Insights Division at Kantar, says advertising faces an uncertain time during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a few scenarios we are observing: Ssome advertisers are shifting their media budgets between channels, while others are postponing campaigns or, in certain categories, cancelling planned activity altogether. As Nigel Hollis said in […]

Proofing Your Website To Attract Customers During The Recession

Saskia Schuldig from 1-grid states that the 2020 budget speech raised concerns for various sectors upon the announcement of South Africa’s third recession since 1994. According to Statistics SA, the economy contracted by 0.8% in the third quarter and 1.4% in the fourth-quarter of 2019. Various businesses may feel the pressure of success; profitability and […]

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CX, Customer Identification And Online Sales

Physical traits (such as vocal tract dimensions) combined with harmonics and speech patterns create a unique digital pattern or voiceprint that is then used to identify a customer stated Gerrit de Villiers, Presales Manager Inovo. Although there are other benefits (such as enhanced CX through quicker customer identification), this technology has been primarily used to […]

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Facebook Engagement And Conversions: A Daunting Challenge For Marketers

Rob Anderson, CEO of Brand Hubb, recalls that Facebook was born in 2004, but its ‘newsfeed’ only showed up in 2006, with the like button premiering in 2007. Back then, there was no talk about algorithms because everything was seen in a chronological order, which meant you never missed a post from a friend or […]

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AI Is A Central Focus In The Future Of Personalised Marketing

According to Adriaan Gouws, Director: Client Leadership, Middle East and Africa at Acceleration, consumer insight around culture, purchase behaviour, brand sentiment and advocacy are some of the key drivers behind relevant consumer engagement. Ask any marketer, salesperson or creative director – the desire and need for consumer insight is one of the most important elements in […]

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Exceed Customer Expectations To Increase Online Conversion Rates

According to Bluegrass Digital CEO, Nick Durrant, to earn long term trust and loyalty, business leaders must raise the bar and exceed customer expectations. This is the greatest challenge and can only be achieved by giving customers exactly what they expect – and even more. Understanding user expectations and designing the entire user experience towards […]

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