Working Remotely – The New Normal

Amanda Mitton, Head of Talent Acquisition and Talent Magnet, states that while there’s no certainty about when lockdown regulations will be relaxed, the reality is that the coronavirus is likely to be with us for a long time ahead, with the allied need for social distancing measures continuing to be encouraged. As such, it’s highly […]

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Tips For Hosting Online Events

Brad Hook from Mann Made says online events will be around for a while, and if the innovations and releases we have seen just over the last month are anything to go by, the space will become increasingly exciting. Brands, agencies and event managers that embrace the strategic opportunities these platforms have to offer will […]

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Securing The Future Of Your Brand

Jaco Lintvelt, managing director of Dentsu Data Labs SSA, asks readers to imagine this scenario: after the Covid-19 pandemic is over, your brand is worthless and you have fewer consumers – not because of the impact of the virus, but because your brand’s efforts were more focused on profits than people during a time when […]

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Brands Can Drive The Commercial Evolution Of Organisations Into A New Era

According to Abey Mokgwatsane, Managing executive of brand, communication and sponsorship at Vodacom, humanity has just been dealt a body blow, leaving us feeling vulnerable and anxious and questioning the very core of our personal existence. This creates an opportunity for brands to step up and provide utility, assurance and hope. It is done through […]

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Industry Interview: Loeries CEO On Using Creativity To Create Change In Advertising

As part of its exclusive industry interview series, Modern Marketing held an online industry interview with Loeries CEO Preetesh Sewraj, who discusses what he enjoys most about working in the industry, 2020 industry trends, advice for creating successful campaigns and more.  Early life Sewraj attended university at a time when opportunities of getting into the […]

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Modern Marketing Digital Trendcamp: Where Does Your Brand Feature When It Comes To All Things Online?

Our Modern Marketing Digital Trendcamp video features Craig Fester, Online Marketing Specialist at 1-grid, who focuses on positioning your brand/business online.  The video is live on our Youtube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on advertising/branding/marketing trends and topics. Send a 3-4 minute audible video of yourself at home. The video should be […]

Blockchain’s Potential Benefits For The Retail Industry

According to the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC), the secret of Blockchain is provenance: it shows, in a tamper-proof manner, exactly where the product or service originated and what processes it went through. One can almost call it a digital hallmark. Like all the disruptive technologies that have upset the corporate applecart, Blockchain […]

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Screenline Offering Covid-19 Custom And Branded Products

Screenline has updated their website and announced that they are now an essential supplier service. Screenline is assisting during the Covid-19 crisis by offering related signage and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for businesses. Screenline is supporting businesses in getting their message across while protecting their valued staff and clientele with their range of products. The […]

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Timeless Brand Tactics To Survive The Current Advertising Climate And Beyond

Wayne Flemming, Founder and Managing Director of Brandtruth//DGTL, states that with the landscape of Covid-19 in South Africa changing daily, there are three timeless tactics that any brand can use to survive both in the current advertising climate, as well as afterwards. While short-term goals are easily interchangeable, they must still feed into the overall […]

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