The Purpose Of A Measurement Framework For Marketers

According to David Alves, Business Director at Acceleration, a measurement framework is a methodology and strategic business exercise to provide a standardised marketing measurement capability that is aligned to commercial and marketing objectives, and that enables a business to make marketing decisions based on data and insights. We are often told that you cannot manage […]

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The Connection Between Cost And A Great Idea

Angelika Kempe, Executive Consultant at Ad Ops, states that digital agencies lend themselves to an output-based or value-based compensation model more than traditional agencies. They have the tools to objectively measure results, which should, in theory, enable them to adjust their fees according to the value they create or their success in meeting the campaign […]

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Targeting And Engaging With Generation Alpha

Lead strategist at Eclipse Communications, Jacki McEwen, explains that the term Generation Alpha was coined by demographer and sociologist, Mark McCrindle, who estimated that 2.5 million Generation Alphas are born globally every week and will account for about two billion of the global population by 2025. Born between 2010 and 2025, the successors of Generation […]

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Industry Interview: Suhana Gordhan On Insights-Based Creativity

In our exclusive Modern Marketing Industry Interview series, Executive Creative Director at the Duke Group, Suhana Gordhan, discusses how her 16-year long career in advertising stems from her love of creativity, and that she had to be quite resilient to break into the industry – and fight to stay in. Getting into advertising Gordhan always loved being creative […]

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Creating Brand Value In The Digital Age

Kantar and IAB’s online insights in action series, held on 30 September 2020, featured Natalie Otte, Head of Kantar Insights Johannesburg, and Stina van Rooyen, Head of Brand at Kantar Insights Division. They shared learnings from BrandZ’s Top 30 Most Valuable South African Brands report 2020. Top BrandZ is the largest brand-building platform in the […]

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Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp: Diversity In The Branding And Advertising Industry

Our Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp video features Zubeida Goolam, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Brandtruth//DGTL, whose video focuses on diversity in the branding and advertising industry. The video is live on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on advertising/branding/marketing trends and topics. Send a 3-4 minute audible video of yourself at […]

Opportunities For Brands To Get Ahead In eSports

According to Attic Rush, there is a gap in both the local and international market for brands to get ahead in eSports (competitive gaming). Over the past five years, eSports has progressed from being a niche gaming subculture to a growing cultural phenomenon. The industry is attracting millions of online viewers per month via livestreaming sites […]

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Building Brand Trust Through Customer Experience And Privacy

Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum International, states that privacy management is critical, not only as a compliance tool for legal and compliance practitioners but also as a tool for building trust with customers. As such, marketers have to be involved in privacy programmes to establish trust and deliver the best user experience to […]

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Reinventing Your Brand Amid Digital Disruption

Head of Design at Eclipse Communications, Shamesh Padayachy, says there are several ways for brands to increase visibility, attract and retain clients, and improve online ranking against competitors. The shifting media landscape and the greater amount of time consumers are spending online have forced brands to rethink how to better use their digital platforms and […]

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