There Is An Opportunity To Enhance Brand Equity And Customer Loyalty For The Future

Marketers that invest in understanding how people’s emotions and values are changing in the face of multiple national lockdowns and Covid-19 waves will position their brands to thrive in this volatile landscape. To keep pace, brands need to move beyond demographics and focus more than ever on psychographics. This is according to Virginia Alvarez, Head […]

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The Future Of Publishers And Advertisers In A Third-Party Cookieless World

Colleen Rose, Consulting Director at Acceleration, a Wunderman Thompson company, states that while welcomed by privacy advocates, the looming demise of the third-party cookie has caused some anxiety among publishers and advertisers. For the last 20 years, third-party cookies have been a foundational part of digital advertising, allowing user behaviour to be tracked across websites […]

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Marketers Should Embrace The Inclusion Revolution

Nicky Brand, Senior Business Consultant at Acceleration, a Wunderman Thompson company, says given that 70% of consumers prefer to buy from brands that are inclusive, marketers are embracing the ‘inclusion revolution’ by means of ad campaigns, social content and CSI initiatives. While this helps normalise disability, very few organisations are engaged in evolving their products […]

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Emerging Female Archetypes For The Modern Marketer To Consider

According to Nicky Brand, Senior Business Consultant at Acceleration, as their influence in society and the commercial world is expanding, women’s financial power is growing, too. Women are expected to control 75% of discretionary spending around the world by 2028, according to Boston Consulting. McKinsey predicts that women globally could gain 20% more jobs by […]

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Brand Relevance Beyond A Crisis

According to Jennifer Perry, Senior Director, Cognitive Science and Audience Strategy at Acceleration, agile brands are building the human understanding it takes to create long-lasting experiences that will linger with consumers after the current crisis. The Covid-19 pandemic means that most organisations are preoccupied simply with keeping the lights on and their doors open. But […]

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Brands Shifting Focus Towards Digital Channels 

Ed Flower, Chief Commercial Officer at Acceleration, mentions that businesses, from big-brand, high-street retailers, to the personal trainer at the local gym, are needing to deliver their services and products online. Governments and central banks are unleashing radical measures to support economies. That would have seemed unthinkable even during other times of global economic stress […]

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What Sets Omnichannel Marketing Apart?

Richard Mullins, director for Europe, Middle East & Africa at Acceleration, says cross-channel marketing simply means continuing engagement with a customer or prospect in a different channel to the one in which the brand first encountered them. For example, an ecommerce store can send a remarketing email to a registered user on its website who […]

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AI Is A Central Focus In The Future Of Personalised Marketing

According to Adriaan Gouws, Director: Client Leadership, Middle East and Africa at Acceleration, consumer insight around culture, purchase behaviour, brand sentiment and advocacy are some of the key drivers behind relevant consumer engagement. Ask any marketer, salesperson or creative director – the desire and need for consumer insight is one of the most important elements in […]

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