It’s Important For Marketers To Understand The Intent Of Their Creative Messaging

The ‘up-close’ or the ‘personal’? The two types of attention and their implications for advertising effectiveness will be explored at the Nedbank Integrated Marketing Council (IMC) Conference on 15 September. Attention is often described as the new currency in marketing, but it’s a complex currency to master and deal in. Understanding the different facets of […]

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Why Inter-Agency Collaboration Can Benefit Businesses In The Long Run

According to Hustle Media, there are benefits of collaborating with industry peers. Not only can such partnerships lead to greater outcomes, but they can also promote more stability and longevity within the industry. Sharing resources and expertise through inter-agency collaboration can lead to significant cost savings, improved productivity, and increased efficiency. For example, agencies can […]

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Can Brands Be Entrepreneurial?

On 15 September, Shukri Toefy, entrepreneur and global speaker, will explain to Nedbank IMC 2023 delegates how to get up close and personal with their inner entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, global keynote speaker, strategic advisor, investor, board director, and the founder of a number of businesses, Toefy has consulted to some of the most exciting brands and organisations in the world, [...]

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The Nedbank IMC Conference Partners With Effie Awards South Africa

The Effie Awards South Africa, the world’s preeminent marketing effectiveness award, and the Nedbank IMC Conference, Africa’s leading marketing conference, will partner in 2023 for the benefit of the marketing industry at large. The merging of the two industry events means that on Friday 15 September 2023, the Nedbank IMC Conference will serve as the Effie South Africa summit with the [...]

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Empathy Is Key To Demonstrating A Brand’s Commitment To Authenticity

According to Reagan Kok, Hoorah Digital CEO, it is worth interrogating what exactly is meant by empathy in the context of business generally and marketing and advertising specifically. Empathy is the ability to understand or share another person’s feelings or experiences. By implication, this suggests that empathy in the business context is about placing the needs and desires of the customer [...]

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How Marketers Can Navigate The ‘Next Normal’

The Nedbank IMC 2021 conference paper was developed from the highly successful virtual conference of the same name that attracted more than 1300 delegates across 14 countries. The paper details a practical roadmap for marketers to get back to the basics, to flex their creative muscles and to reimagine their role in business. ‘You don’t need me to tell you that [...]

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Catering To The Always-Connected Generation

According to Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager, Africa, Zoho Corp, customer engagement entails actively engaging with an audience through messaging that interests, educates or helps them, as well as encouraging two-way communication with your business. The term ‘customer engagement’ is arguably one of the biggest buzzwords in today’s business landscape. It is so widely used that when many people hear the phrase, [...]

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The Continuing Evolution Of Marketing

According to Murray Legg of Webfluential, with the advent of search engines and social media, brands can pinpoint search terms and who clicks on which content. Marketing has always been consumer-led. Since the birth of marketing in the early 20th century, brands have spent enormous resources trying to understand what people cared about and then crafting messages that spoke directly to [...]

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The Importance Of Improving Customer Experience Through Digital Transformation

Jacques du Bruyn, MD, Flume Digital Marketing and PR, says customer experience as a concept is not new. It has been around since the modernisation of business and has been at the forefront of product and service innovations for decades. After all, everything that a business does is for its customers and clients fall under this umbrella. One only has to [...]

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