Should Clients Pay Agencies To Use AI For Creative Work?

Willem Steenkamp, senior writer and editor at Flow Communications, says over the past year or so, since AI really made itself felt, the team have hashed and rehashed so many questions, especially around content generation, such as: can we use AI to produce copy for our clients? Should we? If so, how should we? What should we tell them about using [...]

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AI-Generated Content Poses Significant Threats To Brand Reputation

Joe Hamman, Director Novus Group, says that with the rise of AI-generated content, reputation management matters now more than ever. At a time when AI-generated content is blurring the lines between what is real and what is fabricated with the capabilities to generate content at scale and influence public opinion, brand reputation management has become more important than ever. While media [...]

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Catering To The Always-Connected Generation

According to Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager, Africa, Zoho Corp, customer engagement entails actively engaging with an audience through messaging that interests, educates or helps them, as well as encouraging two-way communication with your business. The term ‘customer engagement’ is arguably one of the biggest buzzwords in today’s business landscape. It is so widely used that when many people hear the phrase, [...]

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Marketers Should Embrace The Potential Of New Technologies And Champion Data-Driven Insights

Haydn Townsend, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive Africa, says an experience renaissance is afoot. Customers were already expecting more from brands, but now they are demanding it. The consumer behaviour shifts we are seeing today are not a blip and are likely to stay with us for a long time. Some have been in motion […]

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There Is An Opportunity To Enhance Brand Equity And Customer Loyalty For The Future

Marketers that invest in understanding how people’s emotions and values are changing in the face of multiple national lockdowns and Covid-19 waves will position their brands to thrive in this volatile landscape. To keep pace, brands need to move beyond demographics and focus more than ever on psychographics. This is according to Virginia Alvarez, Head […]

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