Building A Strong Digital Marketplace Strategy Is Not Optional

Haydn Townsend, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive Africa, says small, agile companies are enjoying great success in digital marketplaces. As digitally native businesses that can evolve on the fly, these brands are capitalising on the multitude of shoppers on the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, click and collect models and food delivery ecosystems. However, a disruptive […]

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Strategically Using Data To Optimise Customer Experience

Inovo CEO Wynand Smit says detailed analytics, which is only possible with good data, can drive efficiencies throughout the business. Optimising customer experience (CX) by leveraging emerging and new technology results in a host of positive spin-offs for businesses but it must be approached in a methodical and strategic manner. Every intervention or technology application relies […]

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Marketers Should Embrace The Potential Of New Technologies And Champion Data-Driven Insights

Haydn Townsend, Managing Director at Accenture Interactive Africa, says an experience renaissance is afoot. Customers were already expecting more from brands, but now they are demanding it. The consumer behaviour shifts we are seeing today are not a blip and are likely to stay with us for a long time. Some have been in motion […]

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The Evolution Of Customer Communication In 2021

Brent Haumann, Managing Director at Striata, discusses what 2021 might have in store when it comes to customer communication. Customer experience is a constantly moving target, and with statistics identifying customer experience as being the key differentiator for organisations in the future, companies have no option but to keep evolving in order to remain competitive. After […]

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Leveraging Artificial Intelligence In A Digitally Connected World

Shaune Jordaan, Hoorah Digital CEO, recalls that from young to very old, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everyone’s go-to for communicating online with family and friends and searching the web for news and entertainment. Then there is online shopping, which has quickly become a matter of necessity across the board. Just when we thought AI had […]

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AI Is An Opportunity To Hyper-Personalise Advertising On A Big Scale

According to Natascha Torres, digital strategist at DataCore Media, one of the most exciting opportunities an age of big data and artificial intelligence (AI) holds for marketers is the ability to hyper-personalise advertising on a massive scale. The tools we have at our disposal make it increasingly viable to customise messaging and creative on digital platforms […]

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The Digitisation Of In-Store Retail

According to the South African Council of Shopping Centres (SACSC), Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a critical feature in the digitisation of in-store retail, personalising the customer experience and creating a more engaging retailer consumer interaction. For retailers, both big and small, AI is more than just a buzzword. It is creating new opportunities while […]

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