The Best Marketing And Adverts Will Work Even Better In An Optimal Context

According to Attic Rush, creativity in advertising, most of the time, refers to the creative itself. In the ‘good old days’, advertising media was limited to print, radio and TV. Then entered the digital world. As mobile devices become more common, mobile screens are where the majority of consumers’ eyeballs are. Although the story and the […]

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E-Commerce Design Trends Are Leaning Towards Personalisation

Attic Rush discusses their top five design trends for e-commerce development for 2020 and 2021. Online shopping habits are constantly evolving, so it is no surprise that e-commerce design trends are evolving along with them. 1. Emphasis on data The use of ‘big data’ is helping some e-commerce sites stay one step ahead of the game. Big […]

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Opportunities For Brands To Get Ahead In eSports

According to Attic Rush, there is a gap in both the local and international market for brands to get ahead in eSports (competitive gaming). Over the past five years, eSports has progressed from being a niche gaming subculture to a growing cultural phenomenon. The industry is attracting millions of online viewers per month via livestreaming sites […]

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