Five Brand Communication Strategy Tips

Lerato Songelwa, deputy managing director at Hill+Knowlton Strategies South Africa, shares tips on what brands and communicators should consider to be part of their communication strategy for the year ahead. Over the last year, business communications became extremely challenging as companies had to quickly adopt new lines of communication to coordinate teams and meet the […]

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Brands Should Use Cultural Intelligence To Connect With Diverse Groups On A Personal Level 

Cheryl Reddy, Managing Partner and Africa Lead at Eclipse Communications, cites Statistics South Africa’s 2020 mid-year estimates, which show that South Africa’s more than 59.2 million citizens comprise of people from vast ethnic and cultural backgrounds, differentiated further by age, sexual orientation, education, religion, gender and geography. Brands should tap into cultural intelligence in order […]

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Stay True To Your Brand Principles As You Evolve

Giulia Iorio-Ndlovu, Chief Marketing Officer of Simba, states that today’s brand managers must walk a tightrope between creativity and technology, innovation and empathy.  The role that brands play in society has changed dramatically over the decades. More recently, as digital migration, the rise of social media and the Covid-19 pandemic have affected our lives, we […]

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Beware The Pitfalls Of Brand Purpose

Myles George, Global NeedScope Director, says that not so long ago, it seemed quite straightforward for companies to align with a purpose. Corporate social responsibility meant giving back in some way. For many companies it was a way they could drive their reputation and give their employees the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. It […]

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Amplifying Brand Purpose From Within

As lockdown restrictions continue, being purposeful as a brand matters more than ever before. Kantar and SA Breweries share the importance of looking beyond consumer insights to also tap into cultural aspects when amplifying brand purpose from within, during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Some brands are still figuring it out, but it’s been proven […]

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