Increasing Intrinsic Incentives Creates True Customer Loyalty

Glenn Gillis, CEO of Sea Monster, says the problem with most loyalty programmes is that they are better categorised as rewards programmes. These are built around the concept of extrinsic incentives or, more simply, the external reasons or rewards that motivate the buyer. For example, a shopper would collect points for making a purchase and […]

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Strategically Using Data To Optimise Customer Experience

Inovo CEO Wynand Smit says detailed analytics, which is only possible with good data, can drive efficiencies throughout the business. Optimising customer experience (CX) by leveraging emerging and new technology results in a host of positive spin-offs for businesses but it must be approached in a methodical and strategic manner. Every intervention or technology application relies […]

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A Good Value Proposition Knows Its Target Market

Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager – MEA, Zoho Corp, says the ‘headline’ section of a website should carry your business’s value proposition. How well you communicate the core value and qualities of your product or service here will make the visitor want to keep scrolling, learn more about you and ultimately choose you over other competitors. Your […]

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Retail Industry Tips For Adjusting Ad Strategy During Disruption

Facebook has tips for helping retail owners connect with their customers and keep their businesses on track whether the businesses are temporarily closed, slow or growing. Here are some recommendations based on the status of your business: 1. Business temporarily closed • Consider taking your retail shop online with your own website. Set up a Facebook […]

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Gaming Lets Brands And Advertisers Connect With Highly Engaged Audiences

Jarred Mailer-Lyons, Digital Media Strategist at The MediaShop, investigated how eight million gaming South Africans spend their time. He recently attended the Business of Gaming Forum (BOGF) in association with Comic Con South Africa, which hosted over 40,000 fans of comic related superheroes, sidekicks and villains. Comic Con SA had a large range of pop culture and entertainment stands at the venue [...]

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