Creative Work Needs To Be Rooted In Humanity

South Africa’s leading creative minds came together at the recent virtual Cannes Trends 2021 event to analyse and be inspired by some of the best creative campaigns from across the globe.  At the onset of the pandemic, brands were faced with an unprecedented crisis, but many used the power of creativity to solve new problems and transform perceptions with effective campaigns, [...]

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More Female Voices Will Strengthen The OOH Industry

According to Lizelle Mc Connell, Sales Director at Tractor Outdoor, out of home (OOH) is not the same industry it was two decades ago. Across the global landscape, the OOH arena has typically been an industry that has seen more men enter its ranks than women – but things are starting to change. And this change is desperately needed, said Mc Connell, but [...]

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The Best Marketing And Adverts Will Work Even Better In An Optimal Context

According to Attic Rush, creativity in advertising, most of the time, refers to the creative itself. In the ‘good old days’, advertising media was limited to print, radio and TV. Then entered the digital world. As mobile devices become more common, mobile screens are where the majority of consumers’ eyeballs are. Although the story and the […]

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