The Human Element Enhances Communication Between Brands And Audiences

According to Zubeida Goolam, Chief Creative Officer at Valiant, the adoption of new technologies should only eliminate communication barriers between the brand and its audience, not worsen the experience. The human element is always key to transformation. Transformation in digital marketing must begin internally to leverage external opportunities. It is up to the organisation to […]

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Understanding A Customer Helps To Deliver Tailor-Made Customer Experiences

Candice Lee Reeves, senior digital copywriter at Everlytic, states that unless you understand who your customers are and what they really want, you will have a difficult time knowing how to give them an experience that brings them joy. Start by creating client personas for the types of clients you work with. You can also run […]

The Evolution Of Customer Communication In 2021

Brent Haumann, Managing Director at Striata, discusses what 2021 might have in store when it comes to customer communication. Customer experience is a constantly moving target, and with statistics identifying customer experience as being the key differentiator for organisations in the future, companies have no option but to keep evolving in order to remain competitive. After […]

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Customers Now Influence And Control The Narrative

Content creator and digital strategist, Shaheer Lala, states that social media has significantly shifted the power of influence and control of the narrative towards customers, who can now consume and produce content simultaneously for brands. Trust has shifted, and while brick-and-mortar stores benefit from the physical practicability, word-of-mouth has never been more vital.  Given the […]

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Using Marketing Phrases That Build Trust

According to Kristen McCormick, Senior Managing Editor at WordStream, reducing uncertainty is only the first part of the equation when writing effective marketing copy. You also have to build trust. Here are some phrases to include in your assets to give customers more reasons to continue engaging with you: Check out our testimonials page. See our […]

Intensify Customer Engagement And Brand Loyalty Through Automation

According to Karyn Strybos, Marketing Manager at Everlytic, in many instances, over-burdened marketers simply cannot send out the targeted, timely and personalised content at the scale that is required to drive customer engagement more effectively than their competitors. Technology, and more specifically, marketing automation, is now rapidly changing this equation. Marketers have long since identified […]

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Nurturing Customer Engagement While Social Distancing

According to Willem S Eksteen, Chief Executive at Stone, this pandemic demands social distancing, so now more than ever, well-thought-out communication engagement is critical to business continuity to connect people and maintain relations.  Everything has changed and what we knew as normal is now different. We foresee new competition and more competition as people reinvent […]

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Empathy Drives Human Connection That Leads To Memorable Customer Experience

According to Dr Sibongile Vilakazi of Kantar SA, there’s no better time than the COVID-19 pandemic for brands to show the utmost empathy. The COVID-19 pandemic is dubbed the greatest global crisis since World War II. It has threatened our existence when we least expected it. Progressive business leaders were still thinking and talking about […]

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