Combining Traditional And Digital Media To Serve More Market Segments

According to Sikota Suuya Bones, media director at Dentsu Zambia, the general assumption is that the appetite for digital media has grown exponentially. Are clients ready to shift their budget from traditional media to new media that allows them to make real-time changes and track campaign performance with various KPIs? Consumers and clients are going to adapt […]

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Keeping Brands Relevant For The Next Normal

Kelly Moses, Regional Communications Manager at Dentsu Aegis Network SSA, states that the moves to different Levels of the Covid-19 lockdown in South Africa will create a dramatic shift in operations across local industries. The physical movements of consumers will start changing again and the way they interact with brands will continue to evolve. Marketers are […]

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The Value Of A Like In Social Media Marketing

Charlotte Fafa MacAuley, digital campaign manager at Dentsu Aegis Network Ghana, says: a ‘like’ on social media feeds the internal vanity monster, hiding in the insecure recesses of self, and delivers an infusion of dopamine that boosts confidence and adds a little excitement to an otherwise dull day. In 2017, the internet served up a popular […]

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Dentsu Aegis Network Gives Media And Marketing Leaders A Crisis Guide

According to Dawn Rowlands, CEO of Dentsu Aegis Network, all of us have been impacted by the spread of Coronavirus (or COVID-19) and therefore it is imperative that marketers equip themselves with agile strategies that can help navigate the potential obstacles and barriers to revenue and success; and it is key that they address how […]

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