Digital Experience Platforms And What They Imply For Africa

According to Ndagi Job Goshi, GM Liferay Africa, thanks to the ubiquity of consumer technology, nearly all customer experiences are – at least to some degree – digital. So, in order to stay competitive, organisations need to provide the best possible digital experiences. Around the globe, companies have come to realise that the things most likely to set them apart from [...]

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Marketing Automation Should Be A Central Aspect Of Any Digital Transformation

Engagement Factory says digital transformation is much more than merely buying IT tools and hoping they work. It is about buying the right digital capabilities, supporting your team in learning the right skills and changing the processes along the way. One of the most essential digital capabilities you can invest in is marketing automation, and […]

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Irvine Partners To Serve As Communications Partner For Huawei’s South African Corporate Office

Having recently been awarded the Huawei Technologies corporate communications account, Irvine Partners’ mandate will be to communicate Huawei’s significant local impact – both in terms of a tangible commitment to social responsibility and its contribution to South Africa’s digital transformation and economic growth. The agency will also handle all media enquiries and liaison around Huawei […]

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