Intelligent Orchestration Enables Hyper-Personalised Customer Experiences

According to Brent Haumann, Managing Director, Striata, typically, a customer engagement hub (CEH) framework can consist of 12 to 18 categories of functionality and can be enabled by as many different technologies. When it comes to orchestrating communication to drive engagement, an omnichannel engagement hub can be crucial. An omnichannel engagement hub, also known as a customer engagement hub (CEH) is [...]

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Brands Need To Find Simplicity In Social Content That Cuts Through The Clutter

Wayne Flemming, founder and CEO at Valiant, says simplicity still matters more than ever and that nothing can be truer than within our social media itself. Content overload We are inundated with consistent feeds, messenger platforms, emails and social content on multiple platforms. With a global trend of people decluttering their lives, it is a […]

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