Delivering Quality Content To Email Subscribers Will Be The Cornerstone Of Any Successful Campaign

According to JD Engelbrecht, Managing Director of Everlytic, marketers know that the success of email campaigns comes down to the total number of engaged contacts. The ultimate return any organisation can hope for is to multiply the volume of its email distribution list by the engagement rate. But to build engagement, the recipient must first […]

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Understanding A Customer Helps To Deliver Tailor-Made Customer Experiences

Candice Lee Reeves, senior digital copywriter at Everlytic, states that unless you understand who your customers are and what they really want, you will have a difficult time knowing how to give them an experience that brings them joy. Start by creating client personas for the types of clients you work with. You can also run […]

Internal Communications Strategy Is A Key Trend

According to Karyn Strybos, Marketing Manager at Everlytic, many CEOs have already used the Covid-19 pandemic as the opportune time to rethink the way they work and communicate. Internal communications, with its focus on engaging employees, sharing information and creating a company culture, will require a fundamentally different viewpoint to be successful in the journey […]

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Making Basic Sense Of Data And Automation Strategy

JD Engelbrecht, MD at Everlytic, says the reality is that most of us are struggling to access data, make basic sense of it and activate it efficiently. As businesses and consumers, we are accumulating data faster than ever before. Today, we have progressed far beyond the human ability to act on the firehose of data […]

Hyper-Personalisation Is A Key Tool In Delivering Customised Content

Candice Lee Reeves, Senior Digital Copywriter at Everlytic, asks: how do you personalise and deliver customised content to a large, broad and varied customer base? In today’s ‘noisy’ online sphere, the best way to differentiate a business is by delivering a personalised experience – the first rule of marketing is knowing your audience, after all. […]

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Intensify Customer Engagement And Brand Loyalty Through Automation

According to Karyn Strybos, Marketing Manager at Everlytic, in many instances, over-burdened marketers simply cannot send out the targeted, timely and personalised content at the scale that is required to drive customer engagement more effectively than their competitors. Technology, and more specifically, marketing automation, is now rapidly changing this equation. Marketers have long since identified […]

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Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp: The Power of Automation

Our Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp video features Karyn Strobes, Marketing Manager at Everlytic, who discusses the power of automation. The video is live on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on advertising/branding/marketing trends and topics.   Send a 3-4 minute audible video of yourself at home. The video should be about […]

Email Opens Have Increased During Lockdown

JanDirk Engelbrecht, Managing Director at Everlytic, states that while consumers are already feeling the economic pain induced by COVID-19, their day to day needs are unlikely to change much. However, for marketers, the brand conversations and value propositions placed before them must be adjusted and tailored. By leveraging smart digital messaging tools and data-driven insights […]

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