Youth Consumption Of Social Media During Covid-19 And Beyond

Hamilton Zwane, content copywriter at Grey Africa, gives insight into how the South African youth are using social media, what’s changed in their usage during Covid-19, and what should be trending in the near future. Three latest social media trends Social media trends change quite regularly, but that is the nature of social, to constantly change […]

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Brands Should Consider Partnerships To Generate Value And Remain Relevant

With this life-changing Covid-19 event being faced globally, many economies are suffering a downturn, which has a ripple effect on consumer spend and, therefore, on brands. Brands should use this opportunity to find different ways of engaging their buyers as consumer behaviour changes, states Sindiswa Masuta, Strategy Business Director at Grey Advertising Africa. During this […]

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Reimagining Market Segments

According to Stuart Walsh, Head of Strategy at Grey Advertising Africa, a market segment is not a group that just shares similar demographics; it is a group of consumers who think, behave, or respond in similar ways to similar events or stimuli. For it to be useful, a segmentation scheme must meet two simple criteria: 1. […]

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Using Global Brands To Make A Local Connection

According to Stuart Walsh, Head of Strategy at Grey Advertising Africa, the ‘beginning’ was not that far back: the early 2000’s, when the ever-increasing interconnectedness and interdependence of people around the world was awakening many brand owners to the prospect of global marketing. Indeed, it’s been such a relatively short time since our industry-first embraced […]

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