How To Unblock Your Marketing Campaigns From Ad-Blockers

Desiree Gullan, co-founder and executive creative director of G&G Digital, says ad-blockers present marketing professionals with a new challenge of how to break through the digital wall. One of the ways to do so is by crafting a digital strategy that speaks to modern generations, while resonating with the needs of older generations. What we […]

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How Brands Can Capitalise On Digital Strategies

Co-founder and Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital, Desirée Gullan, says one key learning is that the internet is the only place not locked down in a global lockdown. This has inspired communications agencies to create digital work which showed care, love and empathy. Research shows an increased reliance on digital mediums for many aspects of […]

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Agencies Are Pivoting To Digital

Desirée Gullan, co-founder and Executive Creative Director of G&G Digital, discusses how digital came to the rescue when the pandemic struck. The scale of disruption during the Covid-19 pandemic has forced communications agencies globally to rethink their strategies, which, for many, has meant a radical pivot to be more digital. Important insights when pivoting to […]

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