Looking At Post-Pandemic Consumer Behaviours

According to HaveYouHeard’s Head of Insights, Claudia Schonitz, there are a number of significant challenges the post-pandemic South African consumer will have to face, noticeably on the financial and mental health fronts. As South Africans are reaching the end of the Government’s pandemic management cycle, it seems as if the post-apocalyptic world is not the […]

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Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp: What Customers Want Brands To Do During Lockdown

Our Modern Marketing Digital TrendCamp video features Ryan McFadyen, Head of Strategy at HaveYouHeard, whose video takes us through survey results of what customers want brands to do during the lockdown. The video is live on our YouTube channel – don’t forget to subscribe to the channel for more videos on advertising/branding/marketing trends and topics. Send a 3-4 minute […]