Twitter’s Latest Product Offering And Its Implications For Brands

Kgavgelo Masenya, Media Planner at The MediaShop, discusses Twitter’s subscription model and wonders what would make people spend hard-earned money on tweets and where it will leave the advertising audience. Admittedly, I am quite passive when it comes to Twitter, occasionally logging on just to stay in touch with what is happening. But for many […]

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Owning The Narrative In Marketing

According to R-Squared, owning the narrative in marketing involves looking at something topical or talkable as it happens and brands being on social media radio or on TV and putting their own spin on it – gaining new followers and further entrenching themselves as innovative, cheeky and irreverent.  There is a South Africa-born flame-grilled chicken […]

Influencer Marketing Crisis Management Tips

According to R-Squared, some things will change due to crisis management during Coronavirus, but the following guidelines are nevertheless true at all times. Strategies: ensure that your dedicated influencer marketing strategic direction is aligned with the external circumstances, e.g. online buying in a time of real-life isolation (buying from the safe comfort of your sofa), confirmed […]

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