Beware The Pitfalls Of Brand Purpose

Myles George, Global NeedScope Director, says that not so long ago, it seemed quite straightforward for companies to align with a purpose. Corporate social responsibility meant giving back in some way. For many companies it was a way they could drive their reputation and give their employees the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause. It […]

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Creating Brand Value In The Digital Age

Kantar and IAB’s online insights in action series, held on 30 September 2020, featured Natalie Otte, Head of Kantar Insights Johannesburg, and Stina van Rooyen, Head of Brand at Kantar Insights Division. They shared learnings from BrandZ’s Top 30 Most Valuable South African Brands report 2020. Top BrandZ is the largest brand-building platform in the […]

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Kantar Announces 30 Most Valuable South African Brands

Kantar’s BrandZ™ Top 30 Most Valuable South African Brands Ranking is commissioned by WPP, and the valuation behind it was conducted by brand equity research experts Kantar. The methodology mirrors that used to calculate the annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands ranking, which is now in its 15th year. First National Bank (FNB) […]

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Amplifying Brand Purpose From Within

As lockdown restrictions continue, being purposeful as a brand matters more than ever before. Kantar and SA Breweries share the importance of looking beyond consumer insights to also tap into cultural aspects when amplifying brand purpose from within, during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond. Some brands are still figuring it out, but it’s been proven […]

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Advertisers Need To Consider Their Messaging During COVID-19

Jane Ostler, the Global Head of Media, Insights Division at Kantar, says advertising faces an uncertain time during the COVID-19 pandemic. There are a few scenarios we are observing: Ssome advertisers are shifting their media budgets between channels, while others are postponing campaigns or, in certain categories, cancelling planned activity altogether. As Nigel Hollis said in […]