Navigating The Future Of Customer Experience

According to Greg Gatherer, Account Manager at Liferay, companies must find innovative ways to distinguish their offerings through the entire customer lifecycle, including later stages that still have untapped opportunities for engagement. In today’s competitive world, brand loyalty is no longer a guarantee for digital businesses. Customers are increasingly making purchases based on the experience that companies offer, rather than on [...]

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Digital Experience Platforms And What They Imply For Africa

According to Ndagi Job Goshi, GM Liferay Africa, thanks to the ubiquity of consumer technology, nearly all customer experiences are – at least to some degree – digital. So, in order to stay competitive, organisations need to provide the best possible digital experiences. Around the globe, companies have come to realise that the things most likely to set them apart from [...]

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Why Self-Service Matters For Customers

Greg Gatherer, Account Manager at Liferay, says strategic customer experience leaders recognise that customer-facing solutions, like web portals, must include self-service elements to be a truly effective and valuable tool. In fact, research shows that 69% of consumers first try to resolve their issue on their own, showing just how important self-service is. Additionally, Gartner […]

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