How To Unblock Your Marketing Campaigns From Ad-Blockers

Desiree Gullan, co-founder and executive creative director of G&G Digital, says ad-blockers present marketing professionals with a new challenge of how to break through the digital wall. One of the ways to do so is by crafting a digital strategy that speaks to modern generations, while resonating with the needs of older generations. What we […]

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Delivering Quality Content To Email Subscribers Will Be The Cornerstone Of Any Successful Campaign

According to JD Engelbrecht, Managing Director of Everlytic, marketers know that the success of email campaigns comes down to the total number of engaged contacts. The ultimate return any organisation can hope for is to multiply the volume of its email distribution list by the engagement rate. But to build engagement, the recipient must first […]

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Marketing Tips For 2021

Stephanie Heitman, managing editor of the LOCALiQ blog, states that it is time to get to work. The holidays are over, your marketing plan is ready to go and the world is your oyster when it comes to making a splash with your marketing in 2021. Here are some of creative January marketing ideas: Revisit what worked […]

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A Competitive Edge Earns Customer Loyalty

According to Paula Sartini, founder and CEO at BrandQuantum, the customer experience is the driving force behind every business as it gives companies a competitive edge that earns customer loyalty and attracts new customers. However, getting the customer experience right can be a challenge for companies, particularly as there is uncertainty in terms of what […]