Understanding A Customer Helps To Deliver Tailor-Made Customer Experiences

Candice Lee Reeves, senior digital copywriter at Everlytic, states that unless you understand who your customers are and what they really want, you will have a difficult time knowing how to give them an experience that brings them joy. Start by creating client personas for the types of clients you work with. You can also run […]

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence In A Digitally Connected World

Shaune Jordaan, Hoorah Digital CEO, recalls that from young to very old, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everyone’s go-to for communicating online with family and friends and searching the web for news and entertainment. Then there is online shopping, which has quickly become a matter of necessity across the board. Just when we thought AI had […]

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AI Is A Central Focus In The Future Of Personalised Marketing

According to Adriaan Gouws, Director: Client Leadership, Middle East and Africa at Acceleration, consumer insight around culture, purchase behaviour, brand sentiment and advocacy are some of the key drivers behind relevant consumer engagement. Ask any marketer, salesperson or creative director – the desire and need for consumer insight is one of the most important elements in […]

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